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Who we are

Since 2008, Valley Acrylic has been dedicated to enriching the international bath market with cutting-edge and innovative products manufactured to the highest standards of quality and design. Fostering a culture of trust, integrity, and transparency, we have become industry specialists in the Bathroom and Kitchen sectors. Our valued clients rely on us for genuine Valley Acrylic Parts and effective solutions aimed at eliminating common inefficiencies and reducing added costs. By doing so, we not only positively impact our clients' bottom line but also earn their confidence in our commitment to excellence.

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  • Track orders

    Track orders

    You can find your tracking number by checking the order confirmation email you received when placing your order.

  • Free Installation Videos

    Free Installation Videos

    As a sustainable company, we emphasise high-quality maintenance. Our videos provide our customers with all the tools to replace, repair or install Valley Acrylic products.

  • Resources


    Find documents that will give you specifications on how to repair, install and maintain Valley Acrylic products.

Service excellence is at the heart of our business

  • Shipping Options

    Shipping Options

    Shipping services such as pickup and delivery options to meet your shipping needs. See our store for more details.

  • Valley Guarantee

    Valley Guarantee

    All of our replacement parts have a 12-month warranty. Proof of purchase is mandatory to proceed with any warranty claim.

  • Made in Canada

    Made in Canada

    Canada has high safety and quality standards set in law. All Valley products are manufactured to meet these standards.

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